Abacus | John Harvard, CPA, TallahasseeYou didn’t open your own business because you love paying bills. At John Harvard CPA, we take care of the day-to-day financial record keeping and bill paying that can steal minutes and hours from your busy day. When you know that clients are being invoiced and vendors are being paid – correctly and on time – you can focus on what really deserves your attention: your business. Our team of highly trained and experienced accounting professionals provide peace of mind and expert advice to help your business run more efficiently.

We offer a range of services that include data entry, bookkeeping, and accounts receivable and payable – all the everyday basics of running a business. In addition, we can provide a complete systems analysis (including processes and software) and help you consider big-picture financial issues – acting essentially as your company’s Chief Financial Officer.

Our newest innovation in streamlining the bookkeeping and accounting process is the use of software that makes bookkeeping paperless. It allows us to receive and pay bills for clients and give them access to view all accounts and transactions in real time – all from a secure online sign-in.